A freezer stocking frenzy


I’ve been stocking up the freezer. I’ve amassed quite an edible stash. There are 35 double portions of hand-made meals in plastic containers, plus 10 single portions of random things. That’s 80 individual meals, frozen in time.

There’s a good reason for this bizarre hoarding. We have just embarked on a back-of-house extension and kitchen renovation, which will render us kitchen-less for about eight weeks. The fridge-freezer and microwave have been redeployed to the dining room: we’ll be eating defrost/reheat-style for several months.

Coincidentally, I have frozen meals to cover every week night of the predicted eight-week build (I’ve factored in eating out on weekends), although I didn’t keep a tally of the inflating frozen cache. It’s just how it turned out.

We could use the renovations as an excuse to eat out more often, but I know how tired we are week nights. Ours are busy working days; mine sandwiched between 60-75 minute-long commutes. By early evening, we’re all out of juice.

We could order take-out more often, but we’ve never really relied on external, often inferior, forces. I’m a die-hard home cook and old habits are hard to break. So home-made meals it will be — defrosted, reheated and eaten together, casually.

It took at least four weekends of bulk cooking to stash away this wholesome loot. It includes curries, long-simmered casseroles, slow-cooked sauces, burgers, a couple of pies and some soups. This covetable booty spans the cuisines of Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines, India, Italy, old-school England and modern Australia.

The freezer is comfortably full: it’s frozen inner sanctum loaded with dozens of carefully organised, assorted plastic containers bearing hand-written labels: the hallmarks of a half-crazed home-cook.

The cooking frenzy of the past month pretty much finished me off. There will be no more cooking, no more planning, no more ferreting away of food like a loon. I’m hanging up the apron, vacating the kitchen, throwing in the tea-towel … for the next eight weeks. Then hopefully I’ll rediscover my home-cooking mojo in time for the arrival of the brand spanking new kitchen of my dreams.


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22 responses to “A freezer stocking frenzy

  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    Best of luck with the reno. I have never put that many meals away so I have great envy of all the planning that went into the recipes, shopping, prepping, cooking and storage. wow. I’m tired just thinking about it.


  2. Wayne

    Just a tad obsessive-compulsive rachel ?


  3. lizzygoodthings

    Wow Rachel, that really is exciting news! I think it’d be great to eat your way through home-cooked frozen meals while all the work is being done. Can’t wait to hear more news!


  4. Wow that’s fantastic. I hope you have a back up generator for the freezer. So many lovely meals.


  5. Impressive. I love freezer stocking. Great way to save time.


  6. Good luck. I’ve just entered the world of pre-prepared frozen meals for my aged mother, for whom I’m a part-time carer. For an Italian woman who’s always cooked fresh meals – and NEVER frozen anything – she’s taken a while to get used to it, but understands it’s necessary at this stage in her life. Yours sound a bit more exotic than mine though.


  7. Wow, your freezer stocking is intense! I always have some bits and pieces from shoots stashed away – but this is incredibly organised. Looks like it’s an incredibly worthwhile thing to do when you’re crazy busy.


    • Hi David – lovely to meet a fellow freezer stasher. I honestly only have dribs and drabs stocked away most of the time … the renovations called for drastic action. It has paid off … however, after 3 weeks of freezer meals I am well and truly over it. Roll on the new kitchen!


  8. wow, you are my domestic goddess. you are the epitome of amazingness.
    its great to read your words again rachel. i have missed you.


    • “Blush!” Thanks Elizabeth … but I have also been called obsessive-compulsive … which is perhaps more like it! Hope you are well. Thanks for your messages during my absence. I’m pleased to be back x


  9. I love coming home and taking some food out of the freezer. So simple and easy after a long day at the office!


    • It certainly is, Matt. Great knowing there is good, healthy, home-cooked food heading for the table in a short space of time. It’s well worth putting in the effort in advance. Thanks for dropping by.


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