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A freezer stocking frenzy


I’ve been stocking up the freezer. I’ve amassed quite an edible stash. There are 35 double portions of hand-made meals in plastic containers, plus 10 single portions of random things. That’s 80 individual meals, frozen in time.

There’s a good reason for this bizarre hoarding. We have just embarked on a back-of-house extension and kitchen renovation, which will render us kitchen-less for about eight weeks. The fridge-freezer and microwave have been redeployed to the dining room: we’ll be eating defrost/reheat-style for several months. Continue reading


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The Great Freezer Refill

It began some time ago: the Great Freezer Refill. As my eight-week overseas trip grew closer I began squirreling away meals: a portion of lasagna here, a serve of lamb rogan josh there – small enough not to be missed when I cooked in bulk to tide us through the grueling, nose-to-grindstone week ahead. This frozen bounty is for the loved one I’ve left at home, to keep him well fed in my absence. Continue reading


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Deep freeze cleanse

When i was a child someone broke into my parents’ garage and cleaned out the chest freezer. It was a food heist. I kid you not. The scoundrel took off with the entire contents. We were a family of six, including a hungry bricklaying father, so the freezer was well stocked: legs of lamb, slabs of belly pork (as it was called in the north-east of England in its unfashionable days), sides of bacon, big bags of chicken portions, and a plethora of pork chops. The loss was so great that my parents filed an insurance claim. And someone made a quick quid by selling a stack of defrosted meat off the back of a lorry.  Continue reading


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