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All manna of meatballs at Ballers Polpetteria


Meatball manna

A menu featuring meatballs is a boon in my book, so a menu comprised entirely of meatballs is nothing less than a culinary windfall. Kris Schiller has put all his eggs in one basket, or rather all his meatballs in one polpetteria, which is located amongst a potluck of eateries on Sydney’s Enmore Road. Continue reading


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Russell Blaikie’s Baharat-spiced lamb meatballs

Baharat Meatballs

Baharat-spiced lamb meatballs. Photograph by Craig Kinder

This recipe is from Russell Blaikie’s recently released cookbook Must Eat (Read The Food Sage’s book review). Blaikie is the chef extraordinaire behind the Must wine bars in Perth and Margaret River.

Baharat is a Middle Eastern spice mix and the perfect partner for lamb. Blaikie recommends using lean lamb, and to moisten the breadcrumbs with wine before combining them into the mix – which ‘lightens’ the meatballs.

To all  meatball lovers out there, this Baharat-inspired recipe creates spice-packed mouth-bombs that are difficult to resist. The recipe makes 30 … what a shame!
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