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Getting healthy with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, I may just have crush. On your food that is, and your philosophy, and your stunning new cookbook, River Cottage Light & Easy. I’ve heard a lot about you Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall, but I never endeavoured to get to know you. You were just some crazy-haired, outdoorsy, wellington-booted, wooly-jumpered, British farmer-chef with a cult-like following — which is not really my kind of thing. For my recipe fix I relied on chefs closer to my Sydney home, or proponents of the cuisines that I adore, such as Thai, Indian, and Mediterranean. That is until I decided to take an even healthier approach to what I’d always considered to be a relatively healthy, home-cooked dietContinue reading


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The Great Freezer Refill

It began some time ago: the Great Freezer Refill. As my eight-week overseas trip grew closer I began squirreling away meals: a portion of lasagna here, a serve of lamb rogan josh there – small enough not to be missed when I cooked in bulk to tide us through the grueling, nose-to-grindstone week ahead. This frozen bounty is for the loved one I’ve left at home, to keep him well fed in my absence. Continue reading


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Food for thought for a loved one

Dear loved one,

I’ve dedicated myself to cooking your dinners for over a decade. Sometimes slow-cooked, oftentimes quickly cooked, but nearly always home-cooked — none of this pre-made junk.

You know those mad half-day cook-a-thons i have in the kitchen on many a Sunday arvo? When every pan in the house gets used and i multi-task between making three or four bulk-sized meals, barefoot and with a beer in hand. That’s where many of those dinners are spawned — then packed up in the freezer for an easy week-night meal. Continue reading


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Cooking for one: a culinary conundrum

I’m flying solo this week. My other half is off doing something blokey with the boys and it’s caused quite a culinary conundrum. What to cook? I don’t usually have a problem planning the menu for the week ahead (yes, i’m anal enough do that). I often have to strike off ideas, or relegate them to the next week’s list (I have one of those as well), they’re so plentiful. However, this time around i’ve struggled to string two meals together, never mind a week’s worth.  Continue reading


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