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Raising backyard chooks: why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be 


Fresh eggs are one of the benefits of raising chickens at home

I’ve been on the chook roster at our community garden for over a decade: happily putting their little feathery butts to bed on Saturday evenings and mucking out their stilt-house (it has rafters for straw storage, perches for roosting and plenty of nesting boxes for the all-important egg laying). I’ve fed, watered, medicated and even chauffered them to the vet, on the odd occasion. The rewards have been great: more fresh eggs than I could possibly count and watching with wonder the pecking order and hierarchal shenanigans of a suburban hen house.

But would I raise chooks in my own backyard? Probably not. Unfortunately, plenty of people come to this same conclusion after they have acquired chooks. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen the ignorant ramifications of it more times than I like to remember. Continue reading


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Weekly winter harvest


Small bounty from the veggie patch

It’s lovely to return to my veggie patch at the local community garden after a three week sorjourn overseas. The leeks and garlic are growing strong and sturdy, English spinach is luscious green and leafy, the red oak lettuce and rocket are doing well. Baby beetroot seedlings have survived the recent bucketing rain, red onions are shooting for the winter sun, and snow pea tendrils are climbing haphazardly up make-shift frames. This week’s small bounty (above) is already being put to good use.

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