Broke Fordwich: the Hunter Valley’s best-kept secret



Krinklewood biodynamic winery in the Broke Fordwich region of the Hunter Valley (Photo: Supplied)

Animals have a nice life in the Broke Fordwich wine region, a subregion of the lower Hunter Valley in NSW that has been planted with vines since the early 1820s. Hens cluck and peck among the vines at the biodynamic winery Krinklewood, cows are set free in Mount Broke Estate’s vineyard after the harvest to fertilise the soil, and sheep get the same treatment at the organic outfit Ascella Wines, where they keep weeds at bay and clean up stray grapes. One year an unsuccessful season meant grapes were left on the vine and Ascella’s sheep ended up quite sizzled. Such is life in Broke Fordwich, which is 15 minutes from Pokolbin at the heart of the Hunter. It is considered the tranquil side of the valley.  Read the full article here.




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10 responses to “Broke Fordwich: the Hunter Valley’s best-kept secret

  1. This sounds like a wonderful place to visit and so many cellar doors to buy wonderful wine. I love cellar door sales because there are always nifty things available.


  2. I’ve never been to the Hunter Region, Rachel… well, not yet. Things must clearly change! Sounds like a wonderful place to explore.


  3. Great to see this area getting so much coverage lately. Definitely more to HV than just Pokolbin!


  4. Lovely. Another thing to put on the ever-growing list of long weekend places to visit. I especially like the sound of the vineyard producing Italian style wines.


  5. Haven’t been to the Hunter in decades, but this is enough to tempt me back there next time I’m in NSW. Great article.


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