An Amritsari food safari with Anjum Anand


Surjit Singh, of Surjit’s Food Plaza, in Amritsa, India (Photo: Aparna Jayakumar)

Surjit Singh likes bold colours. From his deep-red turban to the purple wall in the kitchen of his restaurant in Amritsa, capital of the Indian state of Punjab, colours are an extension of his exuberant character.

When a photographer from our group went into the tiny kitchen – on display behind glass at the back of the restaurant – Singh was there in a flash.

His impromptu photo shoot performance included plunging metre-long skewers of chicken into the tandoor oven, pulling out others loaded with charred meat, shoving his subordinates out of the camera shots, smiling and working the shoot like a supermodel.

But his unstained shirt told the real story: Singh doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Not any more. Read the full article here.



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10 responses to “An Amritsari food safari with Anjum Anand

  1. What an adventure you’ve been on! The vegetarian feast alone sounds like it was worth the whole trip! 🙂


  2. I am going to add India to my travel list.. I had been pondering whether I would enjoy it but you’ve convinced me…great article


  3. G’day! What a fun-filled food adventure indeed!
    I enjoy learning through your eyes and enjoy what I read!
    Cheers! Joanne


  4. Oh my, I loved every single word. An amazing adventure, that’s for sure.


  5. Wow what an incredible experience! Love the colours and details you’ve painted!


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