Catalonian tours for ‘very important foodies’


Pau Arboix with his Casa Sendra salchichón (Photograph supplied)

The door handle is a large, gold letter S. There is no signage, no indication of what lies beyond the curtained windows on this shopping strip in the town of Vic, in Catalonia, Spain. Entry must be requested after ringing a doorbell. Inside, a small showroom oozes luxury. A huge chandelier hangs above a round wooden table that is polished to a brilliant sheen and surrounded by elegant, upholstered chairs. A huge, silver-edged mirror takes up an entire wall. There’s a large stone sculpture of a curvaceous, naked woman, her back turned, a pig at her feet, by the Catalan sculptor, Josep Maria Subirachs, whose best-known work is the Passion Facade of the basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Dangling enticingly along a wall is what we have come to see: row after row of sausages.

These are not just any sausages. An arm’s length and as thick as the barrel of a baseball bat, they’re salchichón – a type of dried, cured pork salami traditional in this town. These particular specimens, wrapped in glossy white paper, bear the insignia of Casa Sendra – the region’s oldest salchichón producer. Read the full story here.



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10 responses to “Catalonian tours for ‘very important foodies’

  1. lizzygoodthings

    Another excellent story, Rachel! Quite delicious!


  2. This is incredible and fascinating Rachel, what a wonderful foodie experience!


  3. What an incredible tour! Such an adventure for a food lover.


  4. grabyourfork

    Wow what a fantastic experience. The rice with pork ribs sounds mouthwatering!


  5. ‘expect tastings, tapas and long lunches’ – oh, sign me up, sign me up!
    i have to say, those goats have it worked out. sit IN your food dish. excellent.


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