A day with San Sebastian chef Elena Arzak


The Food Sage goes shopping with Elena Arzak in San Sebastian

It’s 11am and I’m in a bar in San Sebastian, the culinary capital of Spain’s Basque region. Despite the in-between meals hour, the bar is laden with plates of pintxos, or tapas. The locals eat pintxos at all hours, and I’m here to meet one of the locals: Elena Arzak, who runs Arzak restaurant – ranked eighth on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 – with her father, Juan Mari. Read the full article here.



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6 responses to “A day with San Sebastian chef Elena Arzak

  1. Nice one Rachel… I look forward to reading the article.


  2. You are too cruel – reminding me of San Sebastian AGAIN. I’m now off to my archives to find my 1983 travel diary with SanSeb scribblings. Hurrumpf.


    • I’m so jeal that you have your own personal archive – you could become your own one-woman show! My scribblings hang around for a year or two at most – then are binned. They always look so messy, the books unkempt, the thoughts erratic (and more often than not down-right embarrassing)! I hope your retrieve your journal and getting writing about San Seb … i need a new way to relive the experience as i’ve written all about my own!!!


  3. Hanging out with Elena… as you do! Such an incredible experience – loved your recount of it too.


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