Weekend food to-do list

  1. Bake sourdough that has been retarding in fridge overnight
  2. Don’t get the shits when sourdough doesn’t work very well — again
  3. Make breadcrumbs from failed sourdough loaf
  4. Don’t waste an opportunity: write a blog post about why my sourdough sucks
  5. Go to Orange Grove farmers’ market for a Thirlmere chicken from The Free Range Butcher to satisfy craving for roast chook dinner
  6. Maybe buy some cheese from the farmers’ market
  7. And some pork and black pudding sausages from the market’s Scottish baker — David’s Larder
  8. And some sourdough
  9. Leave farmers’ market with some money still in purse
  10. Don’t eat all the pork and black pudding sausages
  11. Work out how to cook 2.5-kilo piece of pork loin in the fridge before it goes out of date … and who to cook it for
  12. Start a batch of chook poo tea
  13. Buy Bourke Street Bakery book — everyone raves about it, including Wayne at work (and it will help with the sourdough issue)
  14. Email Wayne about something — anything — and throw in the fact that he said he’d make banana cake and caramel sauce from the Bourke Street Bakery book on Sunday and bring it into work on Monday
  15. Stop thinking about banana cake and caramel sauce
  16. Read some more of White Truffles in Winter by N.M.Kelby, which imagines the world of the French chef Auguste Escoffier. Remember to breathe, even though the first chapter took your breath away.
  17. Make reservation at Arzak in San Sebastian for when I’m in town in July!
  18. Construct new compost bin – fingers crossed the rats don’t get into this one
  19. Organise a heist from the hen house


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19 responses to “Weekend food to-do list

  1. lol. This is a great post. Thank you. It made me grin for quit some time, and giggle at several points.

    I have to say, I love Thirlmere chickens (and ducks and other fowl for that matter). I bought one from Yaga (I don’t know if that’s how you spell her name) myself this morning, at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

    I love making sourdough and started off very well, but stopped when my (at the time, newly aquired) boyfriend made it clear he didn’t like sourdough bread. I also love the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook. I made criossants from it once (I borrowed the book and don’t yet own it). Every time I go to Sydney I try and stop in at the Central Baking Depot to get some of their goodies.

    I also understand entirely the issues with the pork.

    I have a food to-do list this weekend too. It included:
    1. Go to the Capital Region Farmers Market and tell everyone how much you’ve missed them over the past three weeks.
    2. Bake beef bones from Gilmore Braes and make beef stock
    3. Cook osso bucco for ready meals through the week
    4. Figure out what to do with the rabbit livers I have in the fridge
    5. Make the panna cotta with rosewater and pomegrante I’ve been planning for a fortnight
    6. Cut up the Thirlmere chicken so I have chicken portions for fortnight.
    7. Prep the crocodile bites for my next post fo Belconnen Fresh Food Markets blog, Edacious Marketeers.

    I am certain that will keep me busy all weekend.

    Once again, thanks for a great post, I loved it. xo


    • I have to cut up and portion my Thirlmere chicken, too! We are so on the same wave length. Do you often feel like you need a long weekend to get through your food to-do list? And i like the fact that you’re cooking osso bucco for meals for the week ahead. I often do massive cook-a-thons on a Sunday when i cook 3-4 meals at once. Did that last weekend, though, so the freezer is pretty well stocked!


      • We are totally on the same wave length! I regularly feel I need a long weekend to get through my food to-do list. I realised that for the first time over Easter, when I had said long weekend. I do have massive cookathons on Sundays. I don’t work nights like you, but I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I really run out of steam durng the week and need yummy food at the ready. Last week I had oxtails slow cooked in poter then finished with a little dark chocolate. It was heavenly. All those things are super great with the coming cold weather.

        One of my favourites is duck confit. As we discussed, I buy my birds from Thirlmere, and I’ve realised the absolutely unbeatable thing to do wit the legs from the duck is to confit them. So I cut the bird up on Saturday when I get home from market, cure it overnight, then cook it for about 4 hours on Sunday. I seperate the jelly from the fat. Store the fat for next time and use the jelly in a sauce. Then all I have to do is stick it the oven oven for 30 minutes to crisp!


      • Your duck confit sounds wonderful – i may have to give it a whirl. I’m chopping up my chook into portions today – they will be baked in a big roasting dish with potatoes, red onion, rosemary and whole cloves of garlic – and splashed with extra olive oil and balsamic vinegar at the end. Will be a lovely roast chook dinner and makes great individual leftovers for work during the week. Enjoy your week – and i hope your weekend preparation stands you in good stead. Stay in touch.


  2. OMG I love #2. I’m so guilty of that. I’m pretty guilty of #16 too


  3. love it 🙂
    I borrowed a copy of Bourke St Bakery cookbook from a friend and didn’t want to return it. She had to come over to reclaim. I still haven’t bought my copy. The sausage roll recipe is THE BEST.


  4. I’m the only person I know who didn’t like the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook – I paid $70 for it and gave it away a week later. Wish I’d known, I’d have saved the copy for you! Love Thirlmere chooks and ducks! And I’m sorry to hear Stella isn’t working – what’s been happening?


  5. Claire @ Claire K Creations

    Oh I’m laughing my head off especially at 1-4! Hope you knock some tasks off the list.


  6. Wayne heeley

    Banana cake with caramel sauce done 🙂


    • You have totally made my weekend! It’ll be the first time in a long time that i’ll go to work on a Monday with a smile on my face!!!! What’s it looking like?


      • Wayne heeley

        I sent you a photo to you mac.com address at 1.30. Didn’t you get it?

        About to put the macadamia shortbread into the oven, then onto the 4 hr beef brisket ragu w Parmesan mash. A nice way to spend a Sunday.


      • Just seen the photo – won’t be able to sleep now for thinking of tomorrow’s banana cake with caramel sauce!


  7. Y

    Whoa, busy week! 🙂


  8. Hi Food Sage, I worked on the Bourke Street Bakery book when I was editor at Murdoch Books and I might be biased but think it is a bible for bakers. I’ve learned so much and have been using it for all their sausage roll and sweet recipes. I tried making sourdough too and still have the starter but never managed to really succeed. I’ve been enjoying your updates on sourdough and admire your patience. Never mind, my next thing will be making cheese, quark in particular. A German soft cheese that makes the best cheese cake ingredient.
    Btw, I am having a garage sale this Sat and selling a lot of cook books (not Bourke Street Bakery though, sorry) if you are interested, stop by for a chat and look.


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