An impromptu market tour with Tetsuya in Monaco


Guillaume Brahimi (left) and Tetsuya Wakuda discuss fresh produce used at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant Le Louis XV in Monaco.

What do you get if you put Tetsuya Wakuda, one of Australia’s finest chefs, at a market stall in Monaco piled high with fresh mushrooms? Answer: the culinary incarnation of a kid in a candy shop.

So it was at a pop-up producers’ market orchestrated by chef Alain Ducasse to showcase the local suppliers of his restaurant Le Louis XV, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Tetsuya was my impromptu guide; the mushroom stall of Hugou Dumas our first stop. Straw-coloured chanterelles, blushing cèpes, peach-hued lactaires de riez and black trompettes were still lightly dusted in the earth from which they had recently been plucked. Read the full article.




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9 responses to “An impromptu market tour with Tetsuya in Monaco

  1. bizzylizzycooks

    Oh, you lucky, lucky woman!


  2. Eha

    Thank you so much for even this fantastic glimpse . . . .


  3. Tetsuya is such an inspiration! Was lucky enough to do a masterclass with him in 2010 – it was something of a “once in a lifetime” event and I will never forget!


  4. I’d love to do a masterclass with Tetsuya. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for one … but suspect they don’t come along very often. He certainly is very inspirational.


  5. what an incredible adventure. wonderful enough to be in a market with all that amazing produce, but to experience it with chefs like tetsuya and guillaume would have been extraordinary.


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