A weekend in Monaco with Alain Ducasse


Alain Ducasse

What do you get when one of the world’s contemporary culinary masters, Alain Ducasse, summons around 240 international chefs – with around 300 Michelin stars between them – to his restaurant Le Louis XV in Monaco to celebrate its 25th anniversary? Answer: some kind of gastronomic orgasmathon.

That’s what I’m expecting from this weekend. I’m in Monaco, a guest of Monsieur Ducasse, and representing The Australian Financial Review.

I am one of a small Australian contingent: the stars of which are Australia-based chefs Guillaume Brahimi, Serge Dansereau and Tetsuya Wakuda.

The centrepiece of this ‘by invite only’ extravaganza is tomorrow’s Mediterranean market place, where local producers will present what Ducasse considers to be the 100 most emblematic products of the French Riviera. Chef invitees will take part in demonstrations, tasting and cooking shows.

In addition, 14 chefs have been hand-picked to reinterpret, in their own style, a dish that pays tribute to the Riviera.

I write this from my decadent digs at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel: it took over 34 hours and three flights to get here. In the hotel group’s stable are 33 restaurants (how many meals can I squeeze in to three days?), four casinos and a couple of nightclubs, including the acclaimed Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo.

Have all my Christmases come at once? Thanks to Monsieur Ducasse, I think so.

The articles I write from this trip will appear in The Australian Financial Review’s Life And Leisure section. I’ll let you know when they run.



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15 responses to “A weekend in Monaco with Alain Ducasse

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this magnificent opportunity Rachel, now I understand you are requiring a personal person… I’m your man… err, woman. I’ll get my people to contact yours. (Awesome!!!! Can’t wait for your write up).


  2. Eha

    Could not believe it when I read it: hope you do not mind my passing this ‘around’: it is simply is too rare . . .


  3. Rachel, I’ll see your weekend in Monaco and raise you a quarter hour on Darling St, Rozelle. Finally made it to Labancz bakery and it’s lovely. Pear danish, macchiato and takeaway olive baguette. So there!


  4. Rachel – lucky you, I love Monaco! Rea here – your room is secure at London’s Athenaeum Hotel. Can you acknowledge this note please


  5. WOW!!!! you lucky duck! if not christmas, then certainly heaven! i cannot use enough exclamation marks to convey how amazed i am at your wonderful weekend (so have some more – !!!!!). Look forward to reading your reports.


  6. Wow! What an amazing opportunity, I am so happy and excited for you! You must have had the most amazing experience and I cannot wait to read all about it.


  7. Hi Anna,
    It was an experience of a lifetime! Many magical moments.
    Thanks for dropping by.


  8. bizzylizzycooks

    Oh my… Rachel, how wonderful… congrats.


  9. 34 hours and three flights to get here, now that is called passion. You are passionate at what you do. I saw your articles in the Australian Financial Review’s Life And Leisure section and they were great to read


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