Brand Blumenthal


Few world-famous celebrity chefs would be stood up on the phone by a journalist one day, then ring eight times before eventually getting hold of them the next day, only to be asked to call back on another number, and still be in splendid good humour when the interview finally takes place.

Heston Blumenthal is basically a really decent bloke. There is no hint of a dummy spit in his voice, no hoity-toity tenor, no “I’ll be courteous but I’m really ticked off at you” undertone.

If the self-taught, three-Michelin-starred chef is seething under his designer spectacles, there is no sign of it in his voice.

There’s a bald-headed, boy-next-door charm to Blumenthal that makes you want to down a couple of beers with him, or a chilled glass of chardonnay – a Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay, to be precise. Read the full article.



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6 responses to “Brand Blumenthal

  1. Heston is a bit like Marmite for me. Sometimes I quite like him. I admire his drive for innovation and making a difference. Mostly I think he’s sold out to retailers looking to capitalise on his success but as this is improving the choice we have at supermarkets in terms of the availability of new ingredients previously only acquirable in the cheffy world, this can only be a good thing.


  2. Dear Rachel,

    I truly admire his creativity but I’m not sure I have the patience to replicate some of them at home. I kinda agree about them selling out to the supermarkets though, money talks.


  3. Hi Rachel, I’m with Chopinand. I do like his Cook Like Heston series… it’s good to see a chef of his calibre teach home cooks the basics.


  4. I agree, Lizzy. I don’t really watch much superstar chef TV, but when i did catch an episode of Cook Like Heston i always picked up some excellent tips.


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