Becasse liquidation fire sale underway

From restaurant empire to fire sale; the Becasse liquidation sell-off is underway.

Liquidators Ferrier Hodgson have cleaned out the fine diner’s wine cellar, unplugged the appliances and emptied the pantry. Everything — from Krug Champagne to packs of cheap plastic glasses — is being auctioned on GraysOnline.

When the virtual hammer falls at 9pm tonight the amount raised will make only a small dent in the $4.3 million that the North’s businesses — owned by celebrity chef Justin North and his wife Georgia – owed to over 200 creditors and 180 staff when they were placed into liquidation in July.

A bottle of Krug Clos-du-Mensil Blanc de Blancs (1998) and a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1er Cru (2003) are currently vying for the top liquor sales spot having each attracted a bid of $709. They have attracted 61 bids and 100 bids respectively.

Other wine ‘lots’ in the bargain basement sell-off have attracted bids under $10. There are around 300 wine and Champagne ‘lots’ up for grabs.

A Fagor stainless steel commercial drinks fridge has so far attracted the highest bid of $869. Other catering equipment, including electric blenders to skillets and cake rings, cartons of Riedel glasses, assorted cookbooks and collections of gourmet produce are also being auctioned off.

A spokesman for Ferrier Hodgson said the liquidators were playing a “minor role” at this stage.  “It’s some residual plant and equipment, it isn’t anything extensive in that online sale.”  Read the full report here.



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6 responses to “Becasse liquidation fire sale underway

  1. The contrast between this and your previoius post is very stark – $700 bottles of champers!


    • Indeed. I like to cover all food-related angles! Those bottles of champers got bids nearer the $900 mark by mid afternoon – but i didn’t see what the final bids were. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. That’s such a shame about the Becasse empire. I guess they were too ambitious with their expansions?


  3. It is so sad. i feel for the North’s. There was just way too much going on though!


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