Wine Challenge

It’s competition time!   And the WINNER is … Brett Wood. Brett wins 3 bottles of McGuigan Wines The Shortlist Riesling and 3 bottles of The Shortlist Cabernet Sauvignon. Well done Brett! And thank you to everyone who entered and supported The Food Sage.

To WIN six bottles of wine from ‘the world’s best winemaker‘ complete the following two-part challenge.


1) Who was the official wine partner of the Sydney Festival 2012?

2) In 25 words or less explain what makes this wine an international superstar.

Leave your answers in a reply to this post by 11pm on Wednesday February 1.

The winner (as judged by the participating wine company) will be announced on Saturday February 4.

(Contestants must be aged over 18 to win.)



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18 responses to “Wine Challenge

  1. McGuigan Wines

    Dinonysus was god of both theatre and wine! Sponsoring the Sydney Festival proves McGuigan clearly have the heart and soul required to make good wine.


  2. Christine Hough

    1. McGuigan Wines

    2. Winning ‘International Winemaker of the Year’ proves McGuigan a Superstar that shines brilliantly in the wine industry, lovingly tended through generations in beautiful, Hunter Valley.


  3. A Hyland

    1. McGuigan Wines

    2. McGuigan was always a world class winemaker to those of us who have been drinking their fine wines for many years. A well deserved honour.


  4. Melleemoo

    Great comp, beautiful wines!

    1) Mcguigan’s

    2) over the last 130 years they have mastered selecting grapes from Australia’s best regions and blended wine that truly represents this great wine making country.


  5. Aaron Powell

    1) Mcguigans
    2) In choosing grapes from different terriors across Australia they can create wine that suit many palates! Both international, Australian ( and mine when I win!)


  6. H Storey

    1. McGuigan Wines
    2. A hero wine consistently delivering on palate. International Wine Maker of the Year 2011, McGuigan again sweeps us away – just as a hero should.


  7. Natalie Hough

    1. McGuigan Wines
    2. Superb grapes, handpicked winemakers – put your lips to a glass and you’ll see why McGuigan is the international superstar it so truly deserves to be.


  8. Lorene carter

    1 mcguigan wine
    2. Mcguigan’s wine is very tasty. I like to drink it on any occasion.


  9. 1. McGuigan Wines
    2. McGuigan wine drinkers make grape lovers.


  10. Chris L

    1. McGuigan Wines
    2. A McGuigan’s International Vintage,
    To cellar is a privilege,
    When the time is right to pillage,
    Better make sure there’s no spillage!


  11. Adrian Kerr

    1. McGuigan
    2. Commitment to quality and the drive to ensure their wines are appreciated to the very last drop


  12. 1. McGuigan Wines

    2. Leaving a long lasting taste impression, International Wine Maker of the Year 2011, McGuigan never fail to impress


  13. Michelle

    1 McGuignan
    2. Cos it’s yummy


  14. Mcguigan

    Quality wine deserves quality rating


  15. wayne heeley

    1 .McGuigan Wines
    2. A full range of great wines for every occasion, whether it’s a special celebration or everyday quaffing.


  16. Jacqui Newling

    1. Mcguigans
    2. Mcguigan wines capture the essence of two of Australia’s oldest premium wine regions – the Barossa and Hunter Valleys – great ambassadors for quality Australian wines.


  17. Karen Beashel

    1. McGuigan Wines

    2. Great wine for great food and great company!


  18. Nathan Hough

    1. McGuigan Wines

    2.Multi-award winning wine producer McGuigan Wines has been hailed as the ‘world’s best winemaker’ for the second time in three years by the prestigious IWSC.


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